Nintendo U.S Attacked By LulzSec Hacker, No Information Stolen

Jun 06

Nintendo a multinational corporation admitted that its U.S sever website had been hacked. But the hackers wrote a tweet that they “mean no harm” and no customer information was compromised.

It was on Friday that hacker group LulzSec posted data (plain text) file which they claimed related to the’s webserver configuration, has posted on its website. In reply, Wall Street Journal has been told by Nintendo that the attack involved no sensitive information and caused no problems with operations.

Funny but its true that the posted document slated with “Just for fun while we at LulzSec warm up”.

For those who don’t know, LulzSec is the same hacker group who has previously attacked Sony Pictures and Sony Networks and has done serious damages, over 1 million passwords including 3.5 million coupons were stolen. Sony has been attacked by series of hackers since April, which approximately causes more than 100 million passwords and other information.

The same Twitter account has tweeted,

“We love Nintendo and Sega, if anything we’d hack *for* them,” also posted a link and invited others to join the ‘Hackers vs. Sony’ game.


[Via Mashable]

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