Leaked Skype App for iPad Is Real and Official

Jun 25

Recently, the unreleased Skype app for iPad has been leaked found over Skype’s YouTube channel which was accidentally set as public instead of private video viewing. Now Skype has confirmed that the leaked video of Skype client for iPad is official and real.

skype for iPad

Rick Osterloh, Skype VP of Consumer and Product Design that told that Skype for iPad app is real and has been in testing field for couple of months now, according to the TUAW.

A few features in the full PC/Mac app didn’t make it in, Osterloh says, perhaps most notably the ability to do file sharing. But that’s obviously just because of the way the iPad deals with files. While the company was fine with simply having an iPhone app that was iPad compatible during the first release of the iPad, the camera in the iPad 2 was what made this app “super compelling.”

Check out the leaked video if still missing it.

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