Facebook For Everyone App Available to Mobile Phones

Jul 13

The mighty Facebook wants the whole world to get addicted to it. After facilitating the high standard phone like iPhone, facebook comes to the low standard phones too or we can say Java capable phones. So for all those Java mobile users facebook comes with a app naming “Facebook for Everyone App”. This app provides almost all the features which are available on the smartphones. Although Facebook already offers smartphone applications for iOS and Android, among other platforms, its decision to embrace feature phones is a smart one, considering the sheer number of people who still aren't using a smartphone. According to a study released earlier this week by Pew Research Center:

  83 percent of U.S. adults have a mobile phone, but only 42 percent of them have a smartphone. Just 35 percent of all American adults have a smartphone.

Facebook has partnered with a host of carriers around the world to offer users free data for 90 days to address that problem and U.S based carriers in its list of companies providing free data, according to Facebook:

 its app is available on more than 2,500 mobile phones. People interested in using the app can surf to the company's mobile page, scroll to the bottom, and click the download link. It's also available in app stores GetJar, Appia, and Mobile Weaver.

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