Best Buy Cut Down the BlackBerry Playbook Prices by $200

Sep 30

After the launched of the amazing Kindle Fire, Best Buy drops down the prices of the professional-grade tablet BlackBerry Playbook. They slashes the price after the announcement of the Kindle Fire next day. Almost $200 has been dropped down on Playbook by Best Buy.

Now after the unbelievable prices of playbook, the cheapest 16 GB playbook now costs $299. Prices based on the storage is now slashed down by the Best Buy. Now the 32 GB playbook costs $399, while the 64 GB is constant on its original price $499. Best Buy has done this to increase the sales of the Playbook and to compete the Kindle Fire Sales.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire announcement drops downs the prices of the tablets, as it is the cheapest 8GB Tablet. Kindle Fire has the half storage of the $299  playbook.  The Kindle Fire’s combination is the very important feature  and the success increasing path for the Amazon. They have launched the cheapest tablet with many features. It will be the toughest competitor of the tablets which are having the cost around $199.

HP Touch pad price was felt down to $99 to $149 according to the model. It will soon to be abandoned to selling the HP Touch pad because of they find the most toughest tablet competitors growing around the world. It is now proved that there is a growing wealthy market for non-iPad tablets pricing $500 or more than that. Now Android Devices are decreasing their price to increase the sale of the device.

[Via Mashable]

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