How To Delete Photos From iCloud’s Photo Stream [Guide]

Oct 16

Photo stream

Well, how to delete some photos from your Photo Stream manually? Yeah, I know you people are facing this problem and eager to want the solution of it. Some users have discussed on Apple’s discussion board that how I can delete a picture from iCloud Photo Stream? Either individually or cleaning the whole Photo Stream. So don’t worry, we have covered for you step by step guide to follow these instructions to get your photos deleted.

I am very lovingly surprised to see, when Apple has introduced iCloud for iOS users and one of the best feature of iCloud is PhotoStream that allows users to wirelessly sync photosbetween multiple devices and directly uploaded automatically in the background to your Photo Stream. By introducing this amazing feature of photo syncing has filled the gap and eliminate the earlier DropBox or other services.

By default, Apple will delete your photos from Photo Stream after 30 days. It will also start removing them once you’ve hit 1000 images. Please make sure that your pictures must saved once of your device, before you reset your Photo stream. Because, it will result in all stored photos being deleted.

Here is an easiest way to delete photos from the Photo Stream.

  1. Open iCloud Settings on your iOS device.
  2. Then look towards Photo Stream toggle.
  3. Tap on it and see the pop-up of delete photos.
  4. Simply, turn it on again to sync your device photos with in iCloud.

Follow the instructions through step by step guide below:

How to delete photos from the Photo Stream:

Step 1: Open and login to iCloud through your Apple ID and password.

iCloud sign

Step 2: When you logged in, then click on the profile name on top right hand of the page. (Beside the sign out option)

Step 3: Click on the advanced option.

icloud photo

Step 4: Click Reset Photo Stream.

reset photo stream

This option will sure you want all of your photos deleted but, didn’t delete photos from your camera roll. Now hopefully, this guide will work and  delete photos  from the cloud Photo Stream. Share your views and ask for further instructions at the comment section below. Thanks!

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  1. i want to delete JUST some, this article title is miss leading!

  2. You can’t delete photos individually.


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