Apple To Adopt IGZO Panels For Better HD Resolution of iPad 3

Dec 30

The much awaited iPad 3 is in the main highlight of the year 2012. As we all know about iPad 2, a great iOS device with lots of high-end tech features to kick other tablets out. iPad 2 left a great impression that's why expectations are little more for the Apple's upcoming iPad 3.

There is no doubt that Apple always focus to fulfill the expectations of iPad lovers everything they release an upgraded version of iPad. Notably, This time around Apple reportedly is planning to replace the present IPS (in-plane switching) panels to IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) flat panels to upgrade the iPad's display resolution support to be more sharpen and smooth for the next-generation iPad could be dubbed as iPad 3. Furthermore, the DigiTimes reported that;

Starting with the new iPads, Apple will utilize IGZO panels from Sharp in order to upgrade the display resolution of the new tablets to full HD leveliPad 3

This IGZO flat panels are not only designed specifically for next-generation iPad, but PCs and smartphones will also get the opportunity to produce the better display resolution support. Sharp Corporation, a corporation that manufacturers electronic products is working with Apple to add IGZO panels in next generation mobile display products like iPad 3. Couples of month before Peter Misek a analyst claimed that;
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Also, we believe that Apple and Sharp together have a modified IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) technology to achieve 330 dpi, which is sufficient for an HD display while not using IPS nor having to include dual-bar LED backlighting. In our view, this should lead to several design advantages, namely the device can be thinner, battery life should be longer, and the overall experience for users should be meaningfully improved.

In past few months we heard many news related to the iPad 3 for example home button in iPad next generation is slightly smaller than the home button present in the current iPad 2 models. Some other rumors suggested that next-generation iPad will be released on the birth date of the Apple ex-CEO Late Steve Jobs which will be held on 24th February.

What Apple is baking for its upcoming iOS devices including iPad 3 – sadly but there's no confirmation yet. However, all the rumors and guesses might ended up in smoke in couple of months, the brand new iPhone 4S is a example of Apple kicking off all the rumors and giving us the great iPhone 4S.

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