Download TinyUmbrella 5.10.08 To Save iOS 5.1 SHSH Blobs [Windows / Mac]

Mar 17

Semaphore, better known as @NotCom developer of TinyUmbrella tool has written on his blog that he has updated TinyUmbrella to version 5.10.08 for Windows and Mac both. In TinyUmbrella v5.10.08, you can save iOS 5.1 SHSH Blobs for Apple TV 3G, and third-generation iPad 3 (all devices). The updated version of TinyUmbrella 5.10.08 enables you on saving SHSH blobs for all iOS 5.1 firmware running devices including all iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV.

From the official TinyUmbrella’s blog:

(details of TinyUmbrella v5.10.08)

With the new iPad 3 and Apple TV 3, it’s been quite busy. Add to that all the cool new information surrounding a few new iOS 5.1 jailbreaks and we have quite the party.

TinyUmbrella now has support for saving 5.1 SHSH for Apple TV 3 and the iPad 3 (all versions). As of now we still cannot restore them but we are working on getting that working from a bunch of angles. I’ll let you know more when I do.

tinyumbrella 5.10.08

You can download TinyUmbrella v5.10.08 from the direct link given below:

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