iPhone 5 (The New iPhone) To Arrive In October With 4G LTE Compatibility

Mar 24

Apple 's latest iOS tablet “The new iPad” is shinning in every Apple retail store, people are loving it too much and so as Apple because it is the most profitable iOS device for Apple so far.

After the new iPad, Apple is focusing to bring a next generation iPhone to market till October. We all was wondering that iPhone 5 will have 4G LTE but Apple surprised us by giving the new iPad 4G LTE compatibility. But this is sure that 4G LTE will be in iPhone 5 too. And as we said October 2012 is going to be the release month of iPhone 5 (the new iPhone), exact date will be revealed some time before its launch but October is the chosen month by Apple to launch the next generation iPhone.

Apple always releases the new version of iOS with the new iPhone every time, so Apple may release iOS 6 with iPhone 5.

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