Download Artificial Intelligence Voice Control (AIVC), The Best Alternate of Siri For Android Devices

Apr 03

Siri  in Apple iPhone 4S is something that was never used in the smartphones before, Apple used it in iPhnoe 4S and Siri gets the deserving popularity. But Siri, a intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator is limited to only iOS devices, Android devices does not have anything near to Siri and they are completely unaware of Siri.

Well the time of sorrow ends for Android devices owners because there is a application of Android devices which is the best alternate for Siri, this latest Android app is known as AIVC (Artificial Intelligence Voice Control). Owners of Android smartphones and tablets can now control Android devices through their voice.

YourApp24 developed AIVC with the features including sending a text message, checking weather, Facebook status update, and much more with voice.  If you want to use Siri in Android smartphone or tablet then AIVC is what you should use. Download AIVC from Google Play Store and enjoy Siri on Android.

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