Are Samsung and Apple FINALLY Heading Towards a Truce ?

Feb 11

apple and samsung



After all those endless court battles, lawsuits and patent wars, it seems that the rivalry between Apple and Samsung is finally coming to a steady halt (well at-least till now). According to a recent report by Reuters, the two tech giants are finally thinking of settling down their long running battle which has ended in billions of dollars for both the companies. Apparently Steve Job’s successor and Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook has revealed that he was never actually “against” the Korean Giants in the first place  and opposed the lawsuits since day one greatly because of Apple’s long running supplier relationship with Samsung which was recently terminated largely due to the ongoing patent wars.

The report further added that it was actually Steve Jobs who wanted to take Samsung to court once he saw how (according to him) the Korean company was (apparently) copying the iPhone and the iPad. Despite the fact that Apple won its trial against Samsung in California, its litigation results around the world haven’t been great. More importantly, the patent suits haven’t slowed down the rise of Samsung one bit but it seems that Apple have now settled there disputes with HTC whereas Cook has talked to Google and Samsung about settling any other pending lawsuits as we speak.

Even though Apple was initially successful in banning some if not all of Samsung’s products, the end results did seem ineffective in more ways than one as Samsung were able to either get the decision turned, replace the banned product with a non-infringing one, or the devices banned were already out of commission by the time Apple could deal any significant damage to the Korean Tech giants. Well it does seem logical for Apple to end this battle and with Tim Cook who is renowned for lets just say his more “objective and sensible” approach towards the whole “patent war” situation. We hope to see this battle end soon as well. Do you ?

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