iPhone 5S and 5C In a Nut Shell

Sep 12

iPhone 5S cover

Apple started a tradition of launching a S” series of its flagship iPhone device, with the iPhone 4S. This tradition has been kept alive with the introduction of the iPhone 5S few days back. The iPhone 5S has been upgraded in quite a few fronts from its predecessor, and even though the changes are few, but are definitely worth mentioning.

ipone 5c


The iPhone 5S is powered by a A7 processor which is twice as fast as the A6 which is found in the iPhone 5. The beauty of the iPhone 5S is that it is the worlds first smartphone which runs a 64 bit  operating system, previously only found in PCs and MAC. The all new iOS 7 which comes out of the box with the 5S is built specifically on the 64 bit architecture, thus making it the first smartphone OS to be built in 64 bit as well.

iPhone 5S chip

The iPhone 5S also has a unique secondary CPU as well called the M7 processor, it fulfills a specific goal which is to record accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass data. So that when you are on the move, this processor takes over from the A7 and records information such as the distance you have traveled. This helps greatly in sparing battery life, which is always a good thing.


The ever present home button on the iPhone has finally been changed, but knowing Apple the change is in the right direction as the all new home button works as a Finger print scanner. No, this is no joke, inside the button is a stainless steel ring which detects when your finger has touched  the button. Apple have assured us that no matter which direction your phone is in, landscape or portrait the ring will detect your finger print without any issue. We will let you know more about it once it hits the market.

iphone 5s


The camera is still 8 Mega pixels but now has a bigger sensor as compared to the previous iPhone, which makes taking images in low light even sharper. New features include square photo, which automatically crops the picture into a square which you can easily upload to apps such as instagram. The flash has been improved as well, it is called True tone flash which as compared to a single flash brings out “true” color out of the pictures. Video recording has also received a new slow-mo feature which records video in 120 fps.  The iPhone 5S is running on the all new iOS 7 which has completely changed its outlook.  New features such as Air drop, Air play as well as multi-tasking and a quick toggle window  are some of the new features found in the new OS.

Specification Comparison:



Apple with the 5S introduced a first ever budget version of the iPhone as the iPhone 5C, this has the same processor as the original iPhone 5.  It also does not have the finger print scanner, other than that the body is made out of plastic as compared to the steel and glass found in the 5S.  It also comes in a variety of colors (white, blue, yellow, pink and green). Very high expectations are for these two new devices specially the iPhone 5S, only time will tell how they fair against the likes of their rivals.

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